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Online Booking 24/7

Streamline your clients' booking experience with many ways to schedule appointments or classes. Get booked through, the Vagaro app, Yelp, Facebook, a widget on your own website or your custom Vagaro website.

Online Appointment Settings

Set the lead time required for online appointments, giving you time to make yourself available.
Set the appointment search interval at 15, 20, 30 minutes, etc. Set the order in which service providers are listed.
Indicate whether a customer can cancel or reschedule online. Enter a cancellation policy to protect yourself from no-shows.
Require clients to provide credit card information for all or just specific appointments.
Automatically accept all online appointments or require requests for appointments based on your desired criteria. Example: new customers or customers with no-shows.

Charge No-Show & Cancellation Fees

Protect your business from lost revenue by charging no-show and cancellation fees when a client does not give enough notice before their appointment. Automate the process by enabling Capture Credit Card to require clients to add a card when booking.

Add Customers to the Waitlist

Customers can be added to a waitlist when your schedule is fully booked. If a customer cancels, you can manually select a customer from the waitlist or we'll automatically notify your waitlist customers of the availability.

Mobile Business

Vagaro automatically adds travel time to the client's location to the appointment.
A travel surcharge for your mobile services can be automatically added to your service pricing.
Get directions to your next appointment right from Vagaro on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Apple Maps

Expand your reach and get booked easily when customers search your business on Apple Maps with the "Schedule" button.


Collect deposits at the time of booking for services and classes.
Require deposits for bookings that exceed a specified dollar amount.
Customize settings for new customers, old customers, outcall, and customers with no shows.
Minimize no-shows and late cancellations by requiring a deposit when booking online.


Use your Instagram business page to get you bookings. Set up your Instagram Book Button and watch the appointments roll in.


Your clients can easily book right from your business' Facebook page. Clients can view services, pricing and business information synced from your Vagaro account.

Website Widget & WordPress Plugin

Get booked directly from your current website with an easy-to-use Vagaro Widget. Simply add our WordPress plugin or our widget to Squarespace, Wix and many other website builders. Both the widget and plugin allow you to make sales and get reviews.

Employee Booking Widget

Have multiple independent professionals? Vagaro lets each person create personalized widgets— from themed colors to direct link their services, classes, products, and more. Easily add the widget to your Instagram or personal website for direct access to booking, and even collect commission.


The largest site for reviews is a great spot to book appointments. Let your glowing reviews do the heavy lifting for you and watch the appointments stack up. After the customer clicks "Book Now" they can choose the service they want right in Yelp.

Vagaro App & Website

With over 5 million registered users, your business will be listed for everyone to see when searching in your area. Our mobile app for clients makes it easy to book appointments right from their mobile device, 24/7. Vagaro will not allow anyone to advertise to your own clients—we're just here to bring you lots of new ones.

Vagaro Custom Website

Use Vagaro’s custom website builder to craft a responsive page that mirrors the style & aesthetic of your business. Your customers can book services, read your reviews and purchase products & gift certificates. Showcase your photos, bio and much more. Or, commission a Branded Client App from Vagaro’s talented in-house designers.

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