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Customer Tracking

Vagaro's customer tracking is designed to help you keep track of detailed information on your clients. Information like customer preferences, allergy details, phone number & more can assist you in giving a personal experience for your clients.

Upload Files to Customer Profiles

Upload images, videos, PDFs, digital waivers & more to your customer's profile directly from the calendar screen. You can even link customer files to a specific appointment so the service provider can quickly access them during an appointment.

Manage Your Files with the Vagaro Drive Dashboard

Keep customer and business files in one place. It's easier than ever to organize and manage your files in folders with the Vagaro Drive Dashboard. Add before-and-after photos, digital forms & more to your customer's profile, accessible to you from anywhere.

Customer Information

View all the details about each of your customers from any device. Look up anything from contact information, previous services or products purchased, notes, gift certificates & much more. Always have the information you need at your fingertips.


Be in the know about your clients. Store phone numbers, mailing information and even birthdays—all in one place. Our popup notes feature displays urgent notes on their appointment. All notes are accessible from a computer, phone or tablet.

Vagaro Customer Tracking

SOAP Notes

Each SOAP note is automatically tied to a customer profile. Images can be uploaded to your SOAP notes for reference to your patient's progress. You can create a new SOAP note or edit an existing one. SOAP notes can be referenced at any point and can be updated by employees.


Create custom forms or use a template to quickly get started. Build intake forms, liability waivers, customer surveys & more. Send forms out via Vagaro's email marketing, embed it in your website, share the link or require the form to be filled when booking an appointment. Completed forms will automatically save to your customers' profiles.

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Vagaro Customer Tracking

HIPAA Compliant

Vagaro is in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act's (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, Security Rule and Omnibus Rule. If your business handles electronic protected health information (e-PHI), you must implement security protocols and privacy policies in your business practices which adhere to HIPAA's compliance guidelines. Vagaro is proud to provide a fully HIPAA-compliant software system to your business and clients.


Create different membership levels for your business such as Platinum, Gold and Silver. Use our automatic billing to charge for memberships and give different perks & discounts for each level.


Entice your customer to prepay for services by allowing them to buy multiple visits ahead of time at a special discounted price. Vagaro automatically tracks remaining visits, and the customer can view their balance online or in the app.