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Vagaro Check-In App

Quickly check in your students for gym classes and events with a QR code.
Add on $10/mo

Check-In App

Add on for $15/mo
Your students can quickly check themselves in for classes, appointments and events with a QR code. Your service providers will be notified with a text or push notification about the arrival of their client.

Fully Branded

Let your brand shine by uploading a logo and setting a color theme to apply across the entire platform. Your brand will be front & center throughout the entire process.

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Simply Scan In

Simply scan your phone or smartwatch using the Vagaro App to
check in—it's that easy. Keychain cards are also available. Configure success and failure tones for check-in via the settings.

Get Notified when Your Customer Arrives

After a customer checks in, a notification will be sent to their service provider, alerting them of their arrival. Service providers can configure their notification preferences to alert them by text, push notification and email.

Branded Membership Cards

Custom membership cards with your logo are available for purchase. The combo pack comes with one keychain card and one credit card-sized card. With a unique QR code printed on the back, customers can easily check in while representing your brand.

Onboard New Clients

New member? No problem. They can register to create a new account within a minute. Your new members will be prompted to supply their contact information and take a profile photo.


Require Signed Waivers

When clients become members of your business, you can require waivers to be signed right on the Vagaro Check-In App. Seamlessly utilize the Vagaro Forms feature to include waivers in your onboarding experience.

Business Data, at a Glance

Through Vagaro's automatic reporting feature, you can monitor business trends over time, keep track of client check-ins, identify your top clientele, and visualize your peak performance hours.