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Take Control of Your Calendar

Our booking system has a full suite of customizable scheduling tools to fit your needs. Automate your salon, spa or fitness business and get vital appointment details at a glance.

Easily Manage Multiple Service Providers

View the schedule of every employee with a single click. Select any or all employees to see their schedules side by side. If you are using our mobile app, view your calendar in landscape mode to easily manage multiple employees simultaneously.

View Details at a Glance with Pinch to Zoom

Having trouble seeing all the appointment and class details on your phone? No problem, vertically pinch and zoom to get a closer look at each booking.

Change Bookings with a Simple Drag & Drop

Reschedule an appointment or class with a simple drag and drop on any device! After moving a booking, you have the option to notify the customer of the change.

View & Update Notes from Your Calendar

Access client notes by clicking on an appointment on your calendar screen. View appointment notes and pop-up notes by hovering over each appointment. All notes can be easily updated straight from your calendar screen.

Automate Repeat Bookings

Automate recurring appointments & classes and never worry about rescheduling regular clients again. Just set how often you want appointments or classes to repeat and the booking will be created automatically.

Add Customers to the Waitlist

Customers can be added to a waitlist when your schedule is fully booked. If a customer cancels, you can manually select a customer from the waitlist or we'll automatically notify your waitlist customers of the availability.

Block Off Personal Time

Going on vacation or just need some well-earned time off? Simply enter the dates of your vacation and our booking software will block that time off from online booking. While you're on holiday, your customers can still book appointments and classes for when you return.

Resource Scheduling

Do you have appointments that require a room or space to perform the service, like a massage room or yoga studio space? When booking an appointment or class, you have the option to reserve a resource or room to ensure it is available for you.

Automatically Notify Customers of Changes

Save time by automatically sending clients and service providers an email, text or push notification whenever an appointment is booked or changed.

Choose Between Day, Week, Month or Agenda View

Alternate between day, week, month and agenda view to see bookings for one or multiple service providers. Our user-friendly agenda view allows for unlimited scrolling to chronologically view future bookings and scheduled resources.

Manage Double & Triple Bookings

Maximize your schedule with multi-booking features. If you can handle it, we will book it. Specify your gap start time and duration, and we will fill your schedule with our intelligent online booking algorithms.

Customize Your Calendar Settings

Configure the starting day of the calendar. Select the order in which you want to see the service providers. It's your world, we just live in it.

Easily Jump by Week

Are you tired of figuring out what date it is four weeks from today so you can book that appointment on the right date? Use our quick-jump buttons and we will get you to the right date, right away.

Keep Working Hours Flexible

Set your working hours and we will take care of the rest. Working on a day off? Just open up your hours for that particular date and we will allow online booking for that day only.

Quickly Identify Appointment Status

Each appointment is color-coded by status. Set a status for each booking by simply tapping on it and selecting one of the status options from the drop-down menu: Accept, Deny, Confirm, Show, No-Show, Ready to Start Service, Service in Progress, Cancel or Delete.

Customize Your Classes

Set up in-person and virtual classes and book as many students as you wish. Enter the capacity, length and description. Once the class is full, online availability will automatically show as full.

Sync & Export Your Calendar

Want to see your business appointments next to your personal schedule? Sync your Vagaro Calendar with Google, Apple or Outlook calendars.

Google Calendar
Apple Calendar
Apple Calendar
Outlook Calendar