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Simplify Rent Collection

With all of the tools you need in one software, collecting rent and fees for hair salons, gyms and other businesses has never been easier. Charge booth renters, schedule recurring payments, store renter’s contracts and even deduct commission from booth rent with Vagaro Merchant Services.

Choose The Right Pay Desk For You

Pay Desk Essentials

Pay Desk and Handheld Scanner

Pay Desk Plus

Pay Desk, Handheld Scanner, EMV Reader and Dock

Pay Desk Complete

Pay Desk, Handheld Scanner, EMV Reader, Dock, USB Printer and Cash Drawer

Collect Rent Automatically

Just set an amount, schedule a charge frequency and rent will flow automatically into your business’s bank account. It’s that simple. No more chasing stylists, trainers and others for checks or cash. No more confusion over due dates. Just timely rental payment.

Streamline Your Onboarding

Text or email your renters for their banking and credit card info. With payment information stored automatically to their employee profiles, you no longer have to keep track of routing and credit card numbers for stylists and other new hires.

Keep Digital Renter's Agreements

Create legally binding agreements for salon booth rental, gym rental and others using Vagaro Forms. Sign, store and view full-time and part-time rental contracts digitally in your renters' employee profiles for greater accessibility, transparency and trust.

Two Secure Payment Options

Charge booth renters by credit card, or from their bank account with a low, 1% ACH charge. Setting primary and backup rental payment methods means fewer missed or failed payments and greater peace of mind for salon owners, stylists and other renters.

Deduct Commission from Rent

Automatically deduct a hair stylist's or makeup artist's product sales commission from their booth rent and fees. Less money changing hands for a salon booth rental means less confusion for independent contractors and no need for a 1099 form, which saves you both time during tax season.

View Rental Payment Info & History

Stylists and other booth renters can easily view their payment histories, update their payment information as needed and reference their booth rental agreements from their employee profiles.

Access Clear, Detailed Rental Reports

Easily manage booth rental payment and view your renters’ full payment histories at a glance. In the unlikely event that a booth renter's primary and secondary payment methods fail, you can also keep detailed records of how rent was collected (cash, check, PayPal, etc.) for future reference.